Sunday, September 23, 2012

Vactioning with my sister!

Since it was so warm, we tried to take a break from outdoors and go some place a little cooler!  The Casemate Museum at Fort Monroe.

TT and Chris found the vent for the air conditioning.  It was too funny!!

Chris took his turn in "cooling off". lol

TT and Chris at the Casemate Museum. The Brig.
  TT and Chris, they are two cutie pies!  lol

 Standing in the casemate window...
 We went out on top of the casemate to overlook the Chesapeake Bay
 Soon we were off to see Williamsburg and Yorktown! Here we find a special tricorner hat for TT!
                                                               Chris in the stockade! 
                                Uncle John helps TT go in "time out".  She looks too happy! LOL
 Next it is Mom and Dad's turn!!  Andre and Deedra, time out time!!

                                                         Some cute looking colonials!
                                          Chris is telling me how his new gun works!!
                                    Uncle John is telling Chris all about the cannons!

                                   Andre, Chris and TT explore the cannons with Uncle John.
                                          cutie pies hanging out taking a break in the shade.
      TT and Chris in Yorktown.  I think I have a picture of their mom and uncle Eddie in the same position.
Next adventure: Busch Gardens!

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