Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Day at the Beach. Kitty Hawk, NC

While Deedra, Andre and the kiddos were here, they HAD to see the Atlantic and play in the surf and sand! I asked TT if she was ready to play at the beach she said,YES!! here we go!
 We all head down to the shore, boogie boards and sand castle buckets in  hand!

 The water is cold at first and the sand squishes around her toes!
 Andre and Chris are getting ready to jump the wave!
 Now to settle down to making a proper sand castle! All hands on deck!
   TT watches Uncle John carefully...
 Ian is a pro at building sandcastles!!  he leads the group!

 Andre is going to try his hand at body surfing...he's watching for a wave...
 here he goes!!...
 waits for another one....
 the wave got him!! lol
 weather began to move in...hoping it holds out for a bit longer..
 John surveys the gang.
 washing sand off and getting a few more wave jumps in before the rain starts..
 Get ready it comes!!
                             Masters of the Sandcastle building!!!  Good job guys!

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