Sunday, September 23, 2012

A visit from my Sister and her family!

Kim's sister, Deedra, Andre, her  husband, Chris age 4 3/4 and Triniti aka TT age 2 3/4 came to visit!  They are from the Pacific Northwest so there was a lot to see on the East Coast. 
We started out by taking them to see a real life Battleship!
Chris poses in front of the USS Wisconsin.

 TT sits on a model of a sailboat and poses for her picture!  There were quite a few hands on exhibits for kids to learn about ships, the ocean and wild life!
 The kids got to touch a horse shoe crab!
 Once we got back to our house, it was Pool time!  It's MUCH warmer here than where they are from so it felt good to cool off! Both of the kids were a little nervous and needed mom and dad for support!

 Off we went to Washington DC.  Here Andre and John provide transportation to the kiddos!
As warm as it was, the kids kept up the entire time walking around DC.  They were real troopers!
                                            Uncle John and the kiddos watch the ducks. 
 The whole family!!  It was so cute, TT had her "pirate" smile...the darn sun!
 We went to see the MLK Jr. Memorial.  Deedra, Andre and kiddos look towards the Jefferson Memorial.  Ian heads back .
                          Chris poses for me on our walk to find the car!  Look at those muscles!
 We took them to Arlington National Cemetary. 

 Finally!!  The Dinosaur bones!!  There were so many people and so many bones, I think sometimes Chris was over whelmed! 
                                      TT got a better view from Dad's shoulders! 
 Taking a break outside on one of the national gardens.  Chris chills with "Meme"  Aunt Kim
                                                  TT chills with Meme as well. 
 On to the Carousel!!  Deedra and TT!!  I got a few pictures of Chris and Andre but they were so blurry.  Those horses were going fast!
 Chris, at the air and space museum, with one of the Wright bros.
 A long day of walking up and down the National Mall.  We hang out in front of the Capital building.
 We trundle off to the National Botanical Gardens.  Here in the Children's garden.  Chris pumps the well so water will come out of the fish next to TT.  TT is cooling off in the water!
                                   Ian, chills watching the kids play in the water!  Cool plants!!
 Hey, who are these venus fly trap people!! LOL 
 The police man at the gardens awarded TT and Chris with a special sticker because they were so courteous and respectful during their visit!
                                          A family portrait in front of the Capital Building!!
We waited while Uncle John and Ian went to get the car.  TT and Chris serenaded those who passed by with a lively rendition of "old McDonald" till our ride arrived! 

                                      Chris and is  well deserved police sticker!

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