Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmastime in Virginia

Celebrating Christmas begins right after Thanksgiving for our family!

The boys put the lights on the house this year and did a pretty good job. Of course, it wouldn't be Christmastime without the annual persimmon fight the boys have each year. The persimmons are mostly firm but there are some mushy fruit as well. Perfect for splatting on the other. Ian was perched on the roof while Arrick lobbed an orange fruit up on the roof waiting for a yelp out of his brother! (Ian didn't need assistance getting off the roof this year either!! Good job Ian!) After many pleas to put up the garland and get the lights on the house, they did accomplish their goals....only after part of the house was splattered with persimmon!

Ian gathering "ammo" to pelt his brother.

Splattered persimmons...of course before the lovely garland was hung!

After the war of persimmons, the work to hang the lights begins!

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Miz T. said...

That's why God makes the rain...not only to water the flowers but also to clean up after teenagers! It sounds like they had a lot of fun. But fun is pretty common around your house!