Tuesday, December 9, 2008

technical errors....

Well, you may have noticed that...things have changed a bit. While trying to make the ole' homestead blog cozy for the holidays, I messed with a bit of Html...and voila....no blog entries! I still have them...you just can't see 'em! So, rather than screw it up more, I created a new blog! A better blog! A cozy, fancy blog! A Blog, I hope I won't screw up!

Soon I shall have the old photos back up and I shall have new posts! In addition, anyone now may comment on my blog...leave interesting remarks, or just say hello, you were here!

Now that school is over with, I have cultivated a few other distractions to take its place. In some cases, much more challenging I must say!

Stay tuned!!

soon there will be photos!!!!

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Miz T. said...

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