Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Visting Family in Washington

After I finished my residency in Spokane, Dad and Jane came to get me so I could spend a few days in the Tri-Cities, my hometown. The land between Spokane and the Tri-Cities is beautifully unique transitioning between the foothills of the mountains to the valley's wheatlands. It was dark when we began our journey so I didn't get to take any photographs.

My dad and Jane spend a lot of time outdoors and up at their Cabin in the mountains. They are particularly proud of their toys! Jane's is much fancier than Dad's though. She has the cool camo paint motif! This picture was taken in their back field.

This handsome devil is my oldest nephew, Nick! He's a cutie! He's my favorite 16 year old nephew! His pa is my brother, Russ. Nick came to see us in Virginia not too long ago. I hope he gets to come back out some time soon!

This rascal is one of my brothers, Russ. It was his birthday, the big one! 40! He doesn't look too bad for wear! Yes, you guessed it, good looks run in our family! This was taken at Dad and Jane's house.[Photo]

This folks, is my dad's pride and joy! His Harley! Clearly I'm not used to photographing works of Harley art and didn't get the entire bike in the frame! Please forgive me. Dad grow the lambchops or extensions to his "stashe" as a final touch to his riding gear!

We stopped for breakfast and check out these biscuits! Ian LOVES biscuits and gravy...he'd be in 7th heaven with this food!! Yummmmmm!!!

Our trip to the Pass and Northern WashingtonDad and Jane took me to meet Eddie, my other brother and my Mom in Ellensburg, WA. On our way we stopped at a scenic overlook to view the terrain. I snapped this picture of some of the beautiful desert flowers as well as some quiet looming giants.

Above to the right is Mt. Rainier and below is Mt. Adams. There was a haze in the air, other wise typically they show much clearer

Here is a comforting sign at the rest stop!

My dad trecked down the on ramp to take this shot for me. Glad they posted that it is monitored. I wonder who they monitor, people or snakes!

Mountain Pass and ski resort[Photo]

One of many mountain views I took in on our way to the Seattle Area

We stopped at the summit and ski resort, but most interesting was the rest stop where we stopped for a diaper change, we found some horseback riders, resting at the rest stop!

Here he is! The newest nephew!Christoper Edward The Cutest 11 mos old nephew!

Isn't he a doll?! In this picture he's just at 11 mos and knows what he likes his aunt Kim! Grandma (my mom) warned me that he didn't take to strangers really quick but Chris and I hit off rather well![

Since I was still on east coast time, I got some one on one time with Chris as he's an early riser and his mom (my sister Deedra) had to work![

Chris and Uncle Eddie (my other brother) hang out in the floor for some play time!

A trip into Seattle!I just had to take this picture! We stopped in to visit with Amy and her family. Amy and I attend Gonzaga together. Since they live north of Seattle, we met in Seattle for a quick "hello!".

[Photo]Seattle from a distance! Just imagine that behind one of those big ole buildings is the space needle! [Photo]For some reason I didn't take as many pictures of family this trip! I'm getting better with photographs but will get the chance when I return to Washington in May of 09!11/9/08 by Kimichris

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