Monday, December 29, 2008


Happy New Year everyone!

We celebrated New Year's Eve with friends at home this year. What better place to have a good ole' fashioned gathering than with the neighborhood friends!

Arrick and Ian's friends gather to see who will be the economic conqueror in the game of STATE PARKS MONOPOLY!

Zach waves and Ian gives the intergallactic sign of peace

Gabe lines up his beverages. Don't worry mom's and dad's and law enforcement officials, the wine looking substance is sparkling non alcoholic cherry beverage!

Well, they did parttake in beer, rootbeer that is and other snacks that youth favor! Veggies too!

5.....4.....3.....2.....1 Happy New Year!!!!

Ian, Zach, Gabe, Arrick, Anna and Andrew prepare to open the crackers at the mark of midnight!

An English cracker that contains a party hat, words of wisdom/joke and a toy

Okay so next year I'll get something that has some spark and noise!

With their party hats in piling on Arrick and Ian! It's too bad they are such a shy group!

Zach, Arrick and Anna

What kinds of goodies are in here???

Anna and Arrick

Ian and Zach with Eva. She wants to be in on the action too!
Yes, we all can actually sit on the sofa!!

Calling and checking in....

Arrick feels the need to pick Anna up for a picture...Ian taking the picture...just before departing to their homes.

Now to settle into those New Year's resolutions...more time at the gym, work on the ole' homestead more, read some great novels and broaden the vocabulary, spend MUCH more time with friends, (especially Diana who has been SO patient while I was in grad school, and is always ready with some sunshine to blow in my direction!)finish up some craft projects, begin some new ones, clean out closets, attics, whatever that needs cleaning! Geez, my list has grown but you get the gist of it!
Hope your new year's resolutions are successful and may your year be filled with prosperity and joy!

Norfolk waterfront this holiday season


Miz T. said...

Great pictures! I just love seeing the antics of the boys and their friends. They were obviously having a lot of fun! Your list of resolutions is long, and aren't there some overlaps from last year's resolutions? Just like the rest of us!!! I hope you and your family have a fantastic year full of fun and lots of love. Hugs to everyone...including the dogs!
Happy New Year!
Lauri (where it is 6 degrees with heavy snow on the ground!)

Kimichris said...

Thanks for the kudos! There is never a dull moment here! I'm sort of getting into this blogging stuff! My kids steal the pictures to use on their facebooks!

Back to stitching!! Enjoy the snow. I sort of miss it but it's chilly here so I'll go with what I have here!
Post pictures though!! Love those pictures!
Happy New Year!! Give our best to Dick and the four legged family!
Mucho hugos!!