Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Washington State; A Trip back to Spokane and Gonzaga University

Washington State in September

Though I was born and raised in Washington State, it has been 6 years since I was last in the Evergreen state! This trip, I was alone. With the boys in school and John at sea, I boarded an airplane to Spokane, WA for my residency class at Gonzaga University. Arrick was a toddler the last time I set foot on campus, so I was thrilled to be going back.

My trip to Washington would begin in Spokane but I would venture over to the Tri-cities to see my family there, then on through the mountain passes to see family in Seattle! I was particularly excited to see my 11 mos. old nephew, Chris! So much to teach that boy in such little time! In addition, I'm hoping to see one of my college friends, Amy and her family if schedules worked out right!So the adventure begins!

Upon arriving in Spokane, I was disappointed to learn that my rental car I had reserved, was not available. The kind woman at the desk was quick to offer me an alternative, 20008 Mustang! What luck and how ironic! When I last lived in Spokane, I drove a 1965 Mustang! It was meant to be!

Driving up to G.U. memories flooded back to me and I felt as if I'd see Amy or Jen at any moment! Some of the same old issues came to me quickly, parking sucked! I was fortunate to find a spot a block away from Ole' Lincoln Dorm. The setting for many a good time and much studying!

Lincoln House- Much studying took place within these walls! That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Many of the old buildings were still just as beautiful and there were many a new building in place now too. The old houses across the street from our dorm were gone and in their place stood a beautiful education building. The Crosby Library is now the Crosby student center and the library is a large building now filled with many a computer and classroom and of course, books!

Desmet Hall. An all male dorm. I have no idea what goes on in these halls. Seriously. Well, I did have my first martini within this hallowed dorm. Of course, we were all of age! Really.

Nuns no longer occupy Welch Hall, and it's a dorm now. That was wierd for me to see but I double checked just incase Nuns were now wearing jogging shorts sporting ipods on their morning jogs! Security is now located in its basement. That seemed logical to me since Desmet Hall was the site of many a gathering right across from Welch Hall! Ahh, the memories!

Gonzaga University's stately entrance,with St. Als right next door.

The wall.The wall is a message board for all students to be informed of official gatherings and events taking place on campus!

Gonzaga University is a Jesuit University
Gonzaga's University Hall. We called it the Administration Building back in the day!

My time at Gonzaga was too brief. The class was incredible and I didn't doubt one moment that the knowledge I have received there would be second to none. This view of Gonzaga's campus says it all for me.

The Spokane River from a bridge on my way into Riverside Park!

The otherside of River Front Park. A fountain welcomes people into the park from the business district.

A giant slide in the form of a wagon! Looks like fun huh? Yup, it is!

The clock tower in River Front Park. The clock tower reminded me it was nearly time for class. I walked all over the city. Just like during my undergrad days!

Northern Spokane Country. There are a multitude of lakes around Spokane. Spattering of evergreen trees and fields in the foothills of the mountains lies north of Spokane.

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