Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Then there were blogs!

Then there were blogs! So it begins, another reason to avoid homework and housework! A few of my friends began blogs to keep up with their family and friends all over the world. I thought, what a great idea! This should cut down on repeated emails and accidently leaving someone out of the preverbial loop! We'll see how it works! This is the beginning! John is home from sea and is already at work on his many projects. The garden is in, the pool is up and the flowerbeds weeded and mulched! Next project? Graduation, Eagle Ceremony and Vacation!! Our oldest son, Arrick is graduating from high school and is ready to begin college! I remember when he was a wee tike and we were beginning the adventure of potty training! I'm sure he'll appreciate me mentioning that. He potty trained very well and has had a great track record since! LOL That's all for now, homework awaits. I'm working on my Master's degree and have three classes left! This is class 3! Just a month left to go! Stay tuned!!

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